Rich Redmond - "Fly Over States"

Greetings everyone from slightly chilly Nashville, TN.  I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing holiday season! It has been a little over three months since I packed up my drums, cats, and wife and moved down to further pursue my drumming, teaching, and writing in Music City, USA.  Although I miss my friends and colleagues up in the windy city of Chicago, IL, it has been a blast getting acquainted with this new fun city.  I have been fortunate and blessed to begin working quickly, most recently playing a Thursday - Sunday comedy/musical Christmas revue at a popular dinner theater in town.  I have also been busy meeting lots of musicians, including an exceptional group of Nashville drummers who's talent and camaraderie is second to none in all the cities I've lived.  Of course, I am always busy teaching skype lessons to some of the greatest students a teacher could have, and I'm excited recently to be adding in students from Europe and Asia!

Nashville has no shortage of incredibly talented drummers...  This city can at times be split between touring musicians and studio musicians, however, on occasion someone breaks that mold, and this month's featured drummer is one such person.  Rich Redmond, most well known as the exuberant drummer for country superstar, Jason Aldean, is a renaissance man of the highest order.  Whether he is traveling the world playing sold-out arenas with Aldean, recording hit records in the highly competitive Nashville studio scene, conducting his C.R.A.S.H. education seminar to both aspiring drummers and non-drummers alike, or writing columns for well known music publications, Rich Redmond always brings with him two things...  LOVE AND POSITIVE ENERGY!  

Recently, Rich has been sharing video's on youtube of himself playing the final takes of chart topping hits!  For a guy like me who's main goal is to become a busy studio drummer, getting the opportunity to watch Rich perform "keeper tracks" in the studio is complete magic. This month's featured transcription is Rich performing the song, "Fly Over States" from Jason Aldean's album, My Kinda Party.  The first thing you will probably notice is Rich's extremely hard hitting back beat akin to the great, Kenny Aronoff.  Redmond places every note exactly where he wants it and completely commands this track from the first crash cymbal to the last.  I mean, even his count-off has better energy then most drummers!  A great benefit of having video is having the ability to take a sneak peak into the way a drummer like Rich uses ghost notes to fill out a groove.  Note to up-and-coming drummers:  Ghosts notes are everything!  When listening to the final studio version on the radio you can't necessarily hear the ghost notes, but you sure can feel them in the way the band grooves, and that's a key reason why this track feels so good.  I tried my best to catch every ghost note I could hear/see rather then just giving you a general map of the song, which I feel would be missing the point entirely.  I may have pulled out a few hairs, but no more then transcribing Elvin, Max, Blakey, or my most recent transcription for Downbeat of Bill Stewart...  I was almost hospitalized! 

The studio is a high pressure situation with time and money on the line, but Rich keeps his positive energy and wonderful personality in check, and in the process keeps everyone smiling and having fun.  This is the mark of an incredible and wise studio drummer.  If you have the opportunity to study with Rich Redmond or attend one of his many seminars, I would absolutely jump on it!  

Enjoy the chart.  The final take starts at 2:42 after Rich jokes about the always cultural Smyrna, TN!  Please note that at the bottom of the page I will include a link to the full PDF for purchase!  Also, please visit Rich's webpage, it's incredible!

Final take starts at 2:42

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