Lesson: "Drop In The Bucket"

"Drop In The Bucket" is a quick technical etude I devised for a student who was having trouble integrating his bass drum into his soloing.  This piece is meant to challenge both your coordination and dynamic control.  Many of my exercises are designed as mini-meditations that are easy to memorize but address a major problem. As you commit this etude to memory, begin to take your eyes off the page, and focus on your dynamic control.

Lesson Notes:
-  Set your metronome between 80 - 100 bpm to start
-  Aim for an equal sound out of both your right hand and left hand
-  Release any tension you are feeling in your body, especially your shoulders, neck, face, wrists and ankles. 
-  Memorize and feel the dynamics 
-  Experiment with other dynamic sets... loud - soft, etc.