Hello Drummers!

Thank you as always for visiting www.jeffreylien.com and I hope you are enjoying all the free content available on the site!  If this is your first visiting, please don't hesitate to look around, as there is lots of information for you to explore.  It is important to me to share with you my highest quality work as often as possible, and I hope it enhances your drumming life.  Thank you to the many who write me each week with questions and suggestions for new content to post, and especially to those who have joined Jeffrey Lien Drum Studio as students, or asked me for help with your transcription projects.  I am at 50,000 views on this site from countries all around the globe (special shout out to the Ukraine, 2nd only to my home country of the United States), and I couldn't be happier.  Keep linking our content and sharing it on your social media, it's great to have so many excited drummers visiting. 

I have had an eventful year with performances, drum clinics, and lots of great lessons with my students.  The picture above is from a drum clinic I recently presented in my hometown of Gillette, Wyoming.  I hadn't been back home in close to 15 years, so it was a great time getting back to my roots and working as an artist-in-residence in the schools.  Thank you to the wonderful staff and instructors who made this clinic series possible! 

I'm excited to announce that www.jeffreylien.com will soon be getting a make over.  I have being using blogger for a long time to present my content, but I have outgrown some of it's features and will soon be moving over to word press.  With this shift, I will also be providing a free weekly lesson on Sunday afternoon's, called "Sunday Shed."  This lesson will appear in one of three models.. beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  My goal is to serve the full drum community, not just advanced students and pro's, so rest assured that whatever level you are at, I will cover. 

In addition to these changes, I will be launching a premium site where you will have full access to additional content not provided in the blog.  Also in the works is a video service catering to students and teachers who are interested in getting their urgent drum questions answered.  Whether you are a high school band instructor wanting to know how to teach your drummer a samba, or a college student hoping to expand your improvisational abilities, www.jeffreylien.com can answer your question with a detailed video lesson. 

Updates have been limited in the past few months, but soon we will have a great new home for you to explore.  As always, keep drumming and keep visiting!